Tech Scout Guidelines

During the tech scout with the MSU film liaison, the production representative should bring a written list of all items the production wishes to bring onto the MSU campus. The production representative should be prepared to discuss the following items in detail:

  • Complete production schedule
  • Number of crew members and number of crew/production vehicles
  • Number, size, and weight of large production equipment, including cranes, generators, and dolly systems
  • Placement and parking of large equipment and production vehicles
  • Set construction/modification of existing structures
  • Access to production site, including potential blockage of any campus streets/sidewalks
  • Set dressings and special effects use/placement
  • Any special effects (e.g., explosions, gunshots, stunts)
  • Security perimeter during shooting
  • Staging and security of equipment during nonworking hours
  • Power needs and cabling plans into and out of any buildings
  • Internet access
  • Radio frequency coordination (e.g., wireless mics, walkie-talkies)
  • Sound and lighting concerns
  • Duration of preproduction, actual production, and cleanup
  • Union affiliations