MSU Resources

The following are resources available from University Communications.
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Brand Website

The MSU brand standards site includes information on branding basics, editorial standards, design standards, logos, and the MSU stationery and signature systems. Many resources are available for download. This is also a good resource for educating colleagues on the importance of branding.

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Downloads and Resources 

The University Communications website includes a set of downloadable resources, including PowerPoint templates, graphics, logos, brand standards, licensing guidelines, and more. 

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Editorial Style Guide

The MSU editorial style guide is the official MSU guide for marketing communications, including website and social media communications and is modeled on the AP Stylebook. 

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MSU Photos

The MSU photos site includes complimentary galleries for the public and a free image gallery for MSU communicators and other staff and faculty members responsible for marketing and communications for their units. 

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Social Directory

The MSU Social Directory includes a list of social media accounts at Michigan State University.