Campus Media Guidelines

The guidelines below for media apply to all members of the public who are not being disruptive.

Outside public spaces: Media have full access to open, public areas across campus. This means they can approach people, film and photograph at these locations without prior approval.

Office space: Media can access lobbies, hallways and office foyers during open building hours, but they cannot enter actual offices without being invited.

Academic space: Media can access lobbies and hallways during open building hours but they cannot enter classrooms without permission from the instructor/professor.

Dining halls: Media can access lobby areas of dining halls and the dining areas by purchasing a meal.

Residence halls: There is a distinction between public space (lobbies) and private space (restricted living wings). Media can access the public space of residence halls during open building hours and talk to/interview sources. Media cannot access the restricted living wings of residence halls unless they are invited by someone who lives there. If they are invited, they can enter that person’s room for an interview.