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Academic toolkit

Communicating beyond journals
and peers

As a scientist, scholar or researcher, you help solve the world’s most pressing problems. To truly impact others, your voice needs to be heard more broadly beyond your peers and journals to help create a more engaged and informed society.

Evidence shows that communicating publicly can:

  • Increase scholarly metrics
  • Enhance stature and reputation among peers and students
  • Counter public misperception on such issues as GMOs, vaccinations or climate change
  • Help maintain public support for research funding at the national and state level
  • Help attract private funding and help satisfy public funding outreach requirements
  • Create collaborative opportunities
  • Increase postdocs and grad student recruitment

Beginning your communication journey

University Communications and your college communicator are available to help you on the journey to explain your work in language that is compelling and understandable to the public.

We can help you determine the newsworthiness of a research topic, connect you to The Conversation, provide media training and more.

Please use the following online toolkit to find tips and tricks on how to: