Photo Guidelines

Photo overview

All photos taken by University Communications are the property of Michigan State University. Copyrights are held by the MSU Board of Trustees.

Photos taken by University Communications may be used for promotion of MSU and its units. Fees charged for custom photography and prints offset the costs of equipment and labor. We consult with campus units about the concept and design of photo shoots to ensure client needs are met.

Original photo shoots (location or studio)

After a shoot, the client will receive a link to an online photo library containing high-resolution JPEGs. Photos are for unlimited use by the original client in official MSU communications only. All photos are filed in a database for use in communications produced by University Communications. In addition, selected photos may be included in our published galleries, where they may be used by other units subject to use restrictions established jointly by the original client and us.

Pricing: Estimates are provided for original photo shoots.

We regularly take photos needed for MSU news stories. Photos taken specifically for news purposes are available at no cost to the cooperating unit and may be reused in official MSU communications materials.

Studio portraits

Portraits needed solely for news purposes are taken free of charge and may be reused in official MSU communications materials at no cost. Studio portraits of the president, provost, associate or vice provosts, vice presidents, or deans are taken at no cost and are available free of charge to all university units.

Pricing: Standard single studio portrait: $80

MSU images

Digital images of MSU photos taken by our professional photographers are provided free of charge to MSU communicators and other staff and faculty members responsible for marketing and communications for their university units.

The gallery can be found at If you have not received the coupon code needed for image orders, please email University Communications and provide your name, title, unit name, and email address.

Commercial entities must contact us for permission to use MSU images.

NOTE: A complimentary online photo gallery for all visitors is available at


Prints are not intended for resale purposes. All images in the University Communications photo galleries can be printed and mounted to meet the needs of your office or conference room spaces. Call our staff for on-site consulting.

To purchase photo prints, go to

Mounted prints can be ordered by calling (517) 432-0967.

Off-campus requests

If you are not part of the MSU community, you can still access, order, and purchase photographic prints in a variety of sizes from our photography database at, email University Communications, or call (517) 355-7505.

Note: If you are a member of the media and have a photo request, please email University Communications or call (517) 355-2281.