Media and Public Information

Our team serves as the public voice of the university. We have primary responsibility for institutional interactions with the media, and we help establish MSU’s media communication and public information priorities, processes and procedures.

What We Do


Marketing, Public Relations and Digital Strategy

Our marketing, public relations and digital strategy team takes an integrated approach to increasing visibility and building reputation for Michigan State University. From brand campaigns and national media placements to enterprise marketing technology initiatives and paid advertising, we help MSU pursue the strategies, products and tools to deliver the Spartan story of discovery, education and impact.

What We Do


Integrated Communications and Strategic Partnerships

We work with partners across the university to achieve a strategic communications approach for MSU that is coherent, collaborative and accountable. Through networks, advisory committees, forums and work groups, we establish shared goals, strategies and initiatives; support adoption of enterprise tools and technologies; and elevate performance.

What We Do